What is Parent Committed?

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The Parent Committed campaign is about providing support to parents and families with teenagers. This campaign urges parents to renew their commitment as a parent and support their child through their journey  into adulthood–when they are discovering and defining who they are. 

As a parent, you are the most influential person in your child's life. Youth who have regular serious conversations about drug prevention with their parents are around 50% less likely to use drugs than those who don’t. Talk to your kids about alcohol and drugs. Start early, talk often. 90% of people who abuse and/or are addicted to nicotine, alcohol, and or other drugs began using these substances before age 18.

Children’s earliest interactions occur within the family and can be positive or negative. For this reason, factors that affect early development in the family are probably to the most critical. Children are more likely to experience risk with there is: 

1) lack of mutual attachment and nurturing by parents or caregivers; 

2) ineffective parenting; 

3) a chaotic home environment; 

4) lack of a significant relationship with a caring adult; and 

5) a caregiver who abuses substances, suffers from mental illness', or engages in criminal behavior.

On the other hand, families can serve a protective function when there is: 

1) a strong bond between children and their families; 

2) parental involvement in a child’s life;

3) supporting parenting that meets financial, emotional, cognitive, and social needs; and clear limits and consistent enforcement of discipline. (Health, 2003) 

We encourage you to have a conversation with your child about the Pledge. For additional tips on how to make your conversation count check out 

We also encourage you to connect with other parents who have also taken the Parent's Committed Pledge.

You are not in this alone. Along with other parents who have taken the pledge, local law enforcement is working to enforce local ordinances and patrol our communities. Every year local police respond to house party calls and will continue to hold adults responsible for providing alcohol and drugs to minors in their homes.

Parent Committed Pledge


As a parent, I pledge to do my part to stop underage drinking and youth drug use by:

· Talking to my children about alcohol and drugs

· Discussing and setting clear boundaries, rules, and consequences when it comes to alcohol and drugs

· Actively chaperone all underage activities in my home and not serve or allow alcoholic beverages or drugs to be used on my premise

· Welcoming calls from other parents whose children have been invited to my home

· Supporting school & community enforcement of underage drinking and drug use

· Knowing where my children will be and expect them to communicate if plans change

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Hidden in Plain Sight


Hidden in Plain Sight

The Hidden in Plain Sight (HIPS) is a trailer with a typical teenage  bedroom set up inside it, with drug paraphernalia “Hidden in Plain  Sight.”  This is an interactive display/program that offers adults  insights into current trends in youth substance abuse, drug  paraphernalia, concealment of illicit drugs & alcohol.  Volunteers  educate parents about drug trends, paraphernalia, how to talk to youth  about alcohol & drugs, and what to do if a problem is suspected.   

For more information on the HIPS trailer or to learn more ways to help your child click here

Parent Education Series

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