What is Physician Committed?


Physician Committed

Physician Committed  provides the medical community with screening information, an algorithm  for substance use and mental health, and protocols for next steps and  follow up. Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants  use these techniques during high school athletic physicals, normal care  visits by teenagers, pediatric appointments and emergency room visits.  Screening for substance use is just as critical for teens as checking  their height and weight. Now, the medical community is prepared to  respond and support.  

The Facts


  • 1 in 3 children start drinking by the end of 8th grade, and of them half report having been drunk. 
  •  A trusted health care provider are in a prime position to  identify drinking-related risks and problems in your patients and to  intervene.
  • 70% of 18 year old admits to drinking underage. 

Why Screen for Underage Drinking, Drug Abuse, & Mental Illness?

Simple Questions to Ask

Physical Symptoms and Signs Suggestive of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Concerns